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Rules, Policies, & Procedures


Refunding of Membership Dues: (July 29, 2008)

Cause for refund must be established and validity voted upon by Board Members and Officers. Cause being the violation of GHA by-laws.


Procedure for Informing the Membership as a Whole: (Aug. 3, 2008)

Membership is to be contacted through the GHA Secretary, contact does not need BOD approval.


Membership Renewal: (April 26, 2009) Voted in by membership

Membership year to be based on membership anniversary date


Membership Dues Late Fee: (Nov. 23, 2008)(May 29, 2011)

$25 late fee <after 60 day grace period>. Renewal without late fee will result in membership being renewed with original start date (month). Renewal with late fee will result in membership being renewed on the date of renewal. 


Membership Terms: (Mar. 15, 2009)

One member per account (exception: family membership)


Family Membership Terms: (May 17, 2009)

Consists of two members of the same household with two votes. $115.00 Dues


Ballot/Election Procedures: (April 26, 2009) Voted in by membership

Allowance for electronic voting except for the election of BOD members and officers:


 Stallion Auction Procedures: (Mar. 15, 2009)

  1. Contact the owner of the stallion in which you are interested.
  2. Ask if your mare meets with the stallion owner's approval.
  3. Purchase the breeding through this website's "Purchase" link.
  4. Once a mare has been approved and the bid accepted, the stallion will be marked as sold.
  5. Send your "Proof of Purchase" Certificate to the stallion owner.
  6. Mare owner and stallion owner enter into the stallion owner's standard breeding contract.
  7. Officers and board members must wait 30 days before participating in the auction.


Stallion Auction Complimentary Membership/Registration: (Mar. 11, 2010)

With the donation of a breeding to the GHA SSS, a like membership will be gifted to donor or a gifted registration.


Stallion Auction Registration of Resulting Foals: (Dec. 14, 2009)

GHA will register & DNA a foal which results from a stallion's service purchased during Stallion Service Sales (2010 and forward). 


Reimbursements: (Mar. 15, 2009)

60 day limit on reimbursements incurred on behalf of the Gypsy Horse Association.


Event Debit Card Account: (Mar. 15, 2009)

Second banking account with a limit of $1000. To be replenished as needed with Board of Directors Approval.


Board Approval (Outstanding Bills) (Aug. 17, 2008)

Monthly registration bills will be paid by treasurer without the need for board approval. All other jobs done by registrar above and beyond the duties of the registrar will be subject to approval by the board of directors.


Equine Journal for International Members:

Continue distribution of the Equine Journal to our International Members until it is not financially feasible.


Website Advertisement - Stallions/Sales Pages: (Mar. 15, 2009)

Foals, under  6 mo. and eligible for registration with GHA may be advertised by a GHA member. Horses over six months of age would require registration papers with GHA


Committee Chair/Co-Chair: (Aug. 10, 2008)

Committee Chair or Co-Chair must be a member of the GHA Board Of Directors or a GHA Officer.


Interpret Bi-Monthly as Every Two Months: (Sept. 5, 2009)

Interpret the "bi-monthly" present in Article IV, Section 8 of the GHA Bylaws to mean every two months. 


Transfer Fees:

A flat fee will be charged for members, the same as non-members.


Certificate Re-Issuance Fee:

If for any reason a GHA member would like changes and re-issuance of their registration certificate or their prefix/suffix certificate, there will be a flat fee of $25.00 for this service.


Registration Name Change: (Aug. 15, 2010)

If a horse has a farm name with a prefix, unless there is permission from the original breeder, the name cannot be changed (whole name). This is for GHA Membership only.


Prefix/Suffix: (Aug. 17, 2008)

Original registration of Prefix/Suffix will take precedence over any following registrations. All Prefix/Suffix will be subject to the board of directors approval.


Prefix/Suffix Fees: (Oct. 5, 2008)

The fee for Prefix/Suffix will encompass the use of the actual name AND the initials, all being subject to the board of directors approval.


Reduced $30 Registrations for Pre-Registered Horse: (Feb. 8, 2009)

Reduced $30 Registrations for pre-registered horse with qualifying registry: GVHS, GCDHA, and GHRA

(Amended Feb. 28, 2010)

Continue to run the registration special with the condition that the horse has to be registered with one of the other three Gypsy registries no later than June 1st, 2010.


Stallion Report: (April 6, 2009)

Establish a stallion report. There would be no charge for this report as long as it’s in our office by Jan. 31st of the next yr., otherwise the fee will be $50. This will be for the year 2009 and forward.


Gypsy Heritage Registration: (Z/Donk Exclusion): (November 10, 2009)

The Gypsy/donkey cross and the Gypsy/zebra cross will be specifically excluded from registration.


Gypsy Heritage Division Registration Committee: (Jan 26, 2010)

There will be a four GHA member GHD Registration Committee to review and approve or reject the Drum horse candidates that fall into the category as defined in the Rules for Drums, requiring RC Review and Approval.. ie, those Drum horses without proof of parentage that have not been previously registered with GCDHA or ADHA, and that horses with two acceptance votes will be considered approved. 


Registration Website Listings: (Feb. 28, 2010)

Once a horse is registered with GHA the website listing of this horse will remain.