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Answers to the some commonly asked questions about the GHA

Q: When & where was the GHA incorporated?

A: February 12, 2008, in Vermont, which promised a 3-day turnaround and was VERY user friendly in helping us incorporate.


Q: Should the GHA not survive, what will happen to the monies in the Treasury?

A: After the corporation's bills are paid, what is left will be returned to the members.


Q: Who is the horse in the GHA Logo?

A: If you guessed Silver Feather Gypsies' mare, The Rose, you are correct! The silhouette used in our logo was modeled after a photo of Rose taken by Mark Barrett, with his permission.


Q: Do you have questions or concerns about the running of the GHA?

A: Click here to read a detailed reply to an email sent by a member. Many topics are discussed!





Additional Questions May Be Submitted to the GHA Officers/Directors