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Registration Rules for Purebred Gypsy Horses

  1. Horses currently registered with GVHS, GCDHA, and GHRA purebred sections are eligible for automatic registration with the Gypsy Horse Association. Except in the case of geldings, a copy of the DNA report for parentage must be provided to the GHA Registrar. A photo of the left and right side of the horse must also be provided.

  2. Previously un-registered horses must go before the GHA Registration Review Committee for approval. The exception is in the case of a horse that is the offspring of two purebred horses registered with the GHA, GCHDA, GVHS or GHRA. In these cases those horses are automatically eligible for registration and need not go through the GHA Review Committee process.

  3. For submission to the GHA Registration Review Committee photos of the left, right, front and rear of the horse are required. Use the following guidelines:

    • The horse should be standing upright, on level ground.

    • The photos should be full body shots, with the horse’s head, tail, lower leg and feather visible.

    • Whenever possible the tail should be pulled to one side on the rear photo, so the committee can see the hock set of the horse.

  4. Occasionally the RRC will accept non-conforming photos for review at their discretion. If you choose to submit action photos or show photos you risk possible rejection if the horse’s conformation is not apparent to the committee. We recommend submitting conformation photos whenever possible.

  5. A Bill of Sale or other proof of ownership (such as import paperwork when available) is required on all previously unregistered horses. Website or other verification on well documented stock may be used at the discretion of the Registrar and GHA Registration Review Committee.

  6. A completed registration form must be submitted to Registrar, registration forms are available on the GHA website at www.gypsyhorseassociation.org/forms.html

  7. Submission of DNA to the University of Kentucky to record genetic markers and verify parentage is required. The DNA sample must be submitted using the GHA DNA submission form available on the GHA website at www.gypsyhorseassociation.org/DNAInfo.html

  8. Please be aware that registration documents are not proof of ownership. The GHA makes every possible effort to provide and maintain accurate information regarding the horses listed in our registry.  In cases where the owner(s) have failed to provide the correct information concerning registration, breeding and transfer records, the GHA will not assume responsibility or liability for any resulting disputes. Please protect yourself and request the appropriate documentation from anyone with whom you enter into a breeding or ownership contract.


Registration Rules ~ Gypsy Heritage Division
(Includes Drum Horses & Horses of at Least 50% Gypsy Heritage)

Online Info Coming Soon! Registration rules & forms are complete.
For forms/info, email Jill Wilson, GHA's Registrar, at registrar@gypsyhorseassociation.org.

1.0   Horses With One Registered Gypsy Parent   

         Any horse that has one registered purebred Gypsy parent, registered with GHA, GVHS, GCDHA, or GHRA/GCSA and with DNA Proof of the
         Gypsy Parentage, and the other parent is not a purebred gypsy is automatically eligible for registration in the GHA Gypsy Heritage Division.

2.0   Drum Horses   

         The horse known or referred to as a Drum Horse having Gypsy Parentage no less than 25% and no more than 75%, and with Shire,
         Clydesdale, and Friesian Parentage or the combination thereof being no less than 25% and no more than 75% will be eligible for
         registration in the GHA Gypsy Heritage Division as specified below:

         2.1    Drum Horses born prior to January 1, 2011

              2.1.1   Drum Horses with Proof of Parentage

                          Any horse with DNA proof of Parentage documenting no less than 25% Gypsy blood and no more than 75% Gypsy blood and with
                          DNA verification of the remaining percentage traceable to registered Shire, Clydesdale, or Friesian in any combination is
                          automatically eligible for registration in the GHA Gypsy Heritage Division.

              2.1.2   Grandfathering of Drum Horses Without Proof of Parentage

                          Any horse without Full Proof of Parentage having an ADHA or GCDHA Drum Horse Registration Certificate dated prior to
                          January 1, 2010 (regardless of recorded percentages of blood ) will be automatically eligible for registration in the GHA
                          Gypsy Heritage Division.

                          Any other feathered horse thought to be a combination of Gypsy blood and any of the following breeds -- Shire, Clydesdale, or
                          Friesian or the combination thereof, either by anecdote or part proof of parentage may apply for registration acceptance through the
                          Registration Committee review process though 03/31/2011. For those horses approved for registration via the review process,
                          the registration committee will determine the recorded percentage of Gypsy blood to be either 25% or 50%.

         2.2    Drum Horses born after December 31, 2010

                          Any Drum horse born after 12/31/2010 must have DNA verifiable parentage of a minimum of 25% Registered Purebred Gypsy blood
                          and no more than 75% Purebred Registered Gypsy blood and must be DNA verified to trace back to a registered Shire, Clydesdale,
                          or Friesian or the combination thereof for the remaining percentage of blood.