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Gypsy Heritage Division

This Division is specifically created for the registration and recognition of horses of Gypsy Heritage:
those with at least 50% Gypsy Horse heritage and Drum Horses.

Horses bred of Gypsy Heritage, both Sport Horse and Pleasure type, possibly used in driving, are rapidly increasing in popularity. These horses have proven to be wonderful family horses. Their honesty and willingness to please is commendable. They tend to inherit many of the qualities and characteristics the Gypsy Horse has to offer--temperament, substance of bone, long manes/forelocks, flashy movement, and sometimes feather. These traits specific to Gypsy Horses combined with the desirable traits of another breed create a horse which is the best of both worlds.

Horses eligible for registration in the GHD can be of any color, type, or size but must follow the percentage Gypsy Heritage guidelines to be eligible for registration.