Equine Journal Article
September 2008

The newly minted Gypsy Horse Association made its public debut at the North Carolina Equine Extravaganza on July 11-13. Three member farms from the area attended and participated in Gypsy Horse breed demos throughout the Extravaganza--Belladonna Gypsy Farm (Robbins, NC), Mountain View Vanner Ranch (Asheville, NC), and Silver Feather Gypsies (Bristol, TN).

Belladonna brought two horses. One was the lovely black filly Belladonna EvenStar, whose quality reflects a pedigree containing such notable GHs as Lad, Sonny Mays Horse, Shampoo Boy, The Lob-Eared Horse, and The Bay Mare of Balinsloe. The other was its stallion Cash, Man in Red. Cash has been in driving training with highly respected trainer Alfonzo ("Fonz") Hargrove (Southern Pines, NC), who has been training for 40 years. Claudette Griffith of Belladonna proudly drove Cash, a bright chestnut son of the gorgeous palomino stallion Mull of Kintyre (aka Romeo), in each demo and around the grounds of the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. He was a wonderful ambassador for the breed, attracting attention, admiration, and questions wherever he went.

Mountain View Vanner Ranch brought its lovely piebald filly Freeland's Madison, who boasts two well known and highly respected GH lines in her background. One is Sid's Good Stallion, present on both sides of her pedigree. This legendary stallion, who had to be put down after suffering a tragic accident, is widely regarded as one of the top Gypsy stallions in recent years. During his all too short career, he sired many of today's best known Gypsy Horses including Prince Charming, Madison's sire, who is owned by Freelands Gypsy Horses. Madison's grandmother is Silver Feather Gypsies' The Rose, current matriarch of the famed Rose line. This line is based upon its mares, who produce offspring of exceptional quality, and Madison, with her near perfect conformation, will certainly uphold the Rose line reputation for quality and carry it forward to still another generation.

Silver Feather Gypsies brought its lovely gray and white mare Silver Pearl, a half sister of its flagship mare Silver Belle, whose image has graced the covers of calendars and magazines. Pearl, a daughter of famed stallion The Lottery Horse and descended from The Original Old Paddy Horse on her mother's side, handled the hustle and bustle of the Equine Extravaganza with her usual calm dignity. While acting as an ambassador of the GH in her many walks throughout the vendor area, she made time for some window shopping and was enchanted by a battery-driven toy horse. She also had time for a bit of flirting; she and Belladonna's Cash seemed quite taken with one another and many stolen glances were exchanged when the two shared the arena during the GHA's demos. Only time will tell if this romance develops.

The Gypsy Horse Association appreciates the opportunity to participate in the Equine Extravaganza and thanks the EE's personnel for making the event the well-run and interesting equine expo that it was. The GHA would also like to extend its appreciation to the other GH participants in the EE for their presence, the quality of their presentations, and their camaraderie. Thanks to all who participated, the breed was well represented, and many members of the public have actually seen a Gypsy Horse in person who had not done so before.

If you would like to learn more about the newly formed Gypsy Horse Association, please visit our web site at www.gypsyhorseassociation.org.

Freeland's Madison, a 2-year-old piebald filly from Mountain View Vanner Ranch,
stretches her legs while waiting to strut her stuff in the breed demo.

Taskin, a 5-year-old buckskin stallion from Villa Vanners, stands at attention
during a breed demo in Dorton Arena.

Silver Pearl exhibits the beauty, grace, and amazing temperament of the
Gypsy Horse breed during a demo.

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Belladonna Cash, a 2-year-old chestnut blagdon stallion from Belladonna
Gypsy Farm , in harness warming up before a breed demo.

Colleen and America, a 4-year-old chestnut tobiano mare with her 9-week-old filly from Belladonna Gypsy Horses, enjoy some nice grass and fresh air.

Silver Pearl, a 2-year-old grey tobiano filly from Silver Feather Gypsies, checks out the most curious wind-up toy horses at one of the many vendor booths.

Evenstar, a black filly from Belladonna Gypsy Farm, calmly takes in her new
surroundings after stepping off the horse trailer onto the show grounds.

Madison makes a new friend, Ana, who spent some time brushing & scratching,
and even braided her mane.