Equine Journal Article
January 2010

On November 12-15, 2009, GHA attended its second Massachusetts Equine Affaire.

Seven member farms brought 22 horses: Blarney Stone Acres (NJ), C Spots Farm (MA), the McClarin farm (NY), Painted Hills Gypsy Horses (MA), Run Gypsy Run (MI), Snow Eden Gypsies (MA), and West Hill Ranches (NY). In addition, Karin Janin of Horses of Wisdom, Debbi Howard of Running Wind Farms, and Susan Pierpoint of Creek Run Ranch stopped by and helped out.

GHA would like to thank all for the effort and expense of coming and for the spirit of cooperation, helpfulness, cordiality, and professionalism which ruled throughout. Special thanks to Tess Marshall and Sue Styx, who assembled and disassembled the GHA booth and who were available to talk to the many visitors.

Please enjoy these photos of the event. Many more are available on the Gypsy Horse Association’s presence on Facebook and on its website at www.gypsyhorseassociation.org.

Submitted by Mary Graybeal

Lise McNamara and Fellini of Blarney Stone Acres.

Caryl Giard and Misty of Painted Hills Gypsy Farm. Also shown are
Tracy Roettiger (L) and Kayla Beattie (R).

GHA’s Breed Booth manned by the Sue Styx’s mother Phyllis Fahler (L)
and friend Laura Jacobs (R).

Trainer Sam Holmes & stallion Billy the Kid of West Hill Ranches.

Trainer Sam Holmes & stallion Billy the Kid of West Hill Ranches.

Sue Styx and Rocky of Run Gypsy Run.

Painted Hills Gypsy’s Classy.


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Tasha Snow of Snow Eden Gypsies with Royal Glory ridden by Brittainy Glabach.

Tammie Cappuccio and family and stallion Hermits Silver Shadow of C Spots Farm..

Tasha Snow and Sir Prize of Snow Eden Gypsies.

David McClarin and Queen of the Gypsies.




The Thriller Quadrille, 2009 NG&DHC