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Founded in 2008, the Gypsy Horse Association is the youngest Gypsy Horse registry but has accomplished a tremendous amount in its year and a half of existence.

GHA's Bylaws are set up to protect both member interests and Gypsy Horse pedigree data. To guarantee membership control of GHA in perpetuity, its Bylaws state that members elect not only the Board of Directors but also all officers and that only a majority vote of the membership may amend the Bylaws. All offices are subject to term limits. The Bylaws also require financial transparency and accountability and, in the case of GHA's dissolution, mandate that GHA place its registration records with a comparable organization so that breed records are not lost.

GHA emphasizes excellent service to members. Horse registration is electronic, and typical turnaround of a registration certificate is two to four weeks. The pedigree, DNA markers, and photos of all registered horses are available for viewing online at GHA's web site, and provisions are in place for restoration of registration data should GHA's primary data base be lost or damaged.

GHA provides its members the following benefits:

GHA's Web Site includes member news, a photo gallery, a member directory, registration and membership capabilities, and a sales and stallion page available to members at no cost. Thanks to a dedicated volunteer, it is kept current.

Equine Journal. Member news is reported monthly in the Equine Journal, to which members receive a complimentary subscription and discounts in advertising.

Equine Affaires. GHA has a presence at all three Equine Affaires, the premier equine expositions in America. It hosts a booth in the EA Breed Pavilion manned by GHA members present to answer questions or provide information. Advertising literature for GHA farms is available to members of the public. Prominently displayed in the booth is the GHA Sales Book in which members can advertise horses for sale or stallions at stud for a $10 fee per horse. The horse's page in the Sales Book contains photos, owner contact information, and such information about the h orse as the owner wishes to provide. A summary listing of the Sales Book's contents is available for hand out. Also at EAs, GHA hosts a breed stall in which member horses are on display, and GHA members showcase their horses' many talents in the EAs' breed demonstrations.

USEF/USDF. GHA is an affiliate member of the United States Equestrian Federation and is a participating organization in the United States Dressage Federation's All Breeds Program. The latter enables GHA-registered horses participating in USDF-recognized dressage shows to gather points and compete within the breed for end-of-year high point awards.

Breed Show Support. GHA supports the growing number of Gypsy Horse breed shows with class sponsorships and GHA High Point Awards, the first of which was given to a GHA-registered horse at the 2009 Feathered Horse Spring Classic. In total, $900 in sponsorship and award money were given out there. GHA is a vibrant, growing organization with much to offer. We invite you to visit GHA's web site at

SailorGypsy Horse stallion Blarney Stone Sailor ridden by Mary Jo Wicker in Second Level Dressage.
Photo (c) Fran J Scott,


Chloe Kott and her chestnut and white Gypsy gelding Pour L'Amour de Garcon ("Boy").
Photo courtesy Lori Kott.

Rachel Nicely of Riverplains Farm pilots Villa Vanner's Gypsy mare Lenka through the cones.
Photo (c) PICS OF YOU.