Equine Journal Article
February 2009

The Gypsy Horse Association celebrates its one-year anniversary this month. Incorporated on February 12, 2008, the GHA has made tremendous progress on the goals for which it was created. GHA’s most basic goal is to provide excellent service to its members. Besides the automated registration process put into place shortly after its founding, GHA plans to implement many new member services in the upcoming year. With the Sales Book on display at all events at which GHA has an official presence, EJ and web site coverage of member news, and GHA’s presence at all Equine Affaires, GHA supports its members in their GH endeavors. As always, the current BOD and officers wish to thank our rapidly growing membership for its support and will continue to do our best on their behalf.

Fall ’08 was a very busy time GHA members and for the GH community in general, and we are wrapping up our reporting of Fall news. Held October 24-26 in Sedalia, MO, the Women & Horses Expo was a success in its first year, and plans are underway for a 2009 W&H Expo. GHA member farms who attended and participated were Chocolate Horse Farm and Thorn Hill Farm, whose owner Kathy Ramey commented on the camaraderie which prevailed throughout the event. She commented, “We all had a great time. EVERYONE helped each other with whatever they needed.” Kathy particularly noted the Dunbars.

In September, the L.A. County Fair was held in Pomona, and member Linda Enger attended with two of her GHs. Only three years old and with just three and a half month of training in harness, Clononeen Kilcorran Bree won the GH Working Class out of six entries. In open classes, Bree placed 5th in a pony class against Hackneys and Haflingers, and 7th in an open class against Friesians as well as pony breeds. Linda was justifiably proud of Bree’s performance, especially given her age and training level, “but that’s a Gypsy for you,” she said.

On November 13-16, 2008, GHA attended its first Equine Affaire, the Massachusetts EA. The largest and most prestigious of equine expos, the EAs are a prime venue in which to showcase the beauty and talents of a breed. Many visitors stopped by GHA’s booth to visit with the member horses on display and to browse through GHA’s Sales Book. Member farms who attended with horses were Blarney Stone Acres, Chocolate Horse Farm, Hearts ‘n Horses Farm, Painted Hills Gypsy Farm, Snow Eden Gypsies, and Westmoreland Farm. Members attending without horses were Andrea Betteridge, Mary Graybeal, Tess Marshall, Tom Price, Jorge and Kristina Rodriguez, and June Villa.

Some thanks for GHA’s first EA. First, we’d like to extend our appreciation to Terry Marshall for preparing the breed booth’s decorations and coordinating the horses attending. Also fulfilling a commitment to show her horses in spite of serious, unexpected illness in her family was Caryl Giard of Power Paint Gypsies. We appreciate her dedication and are grateful that there has apparently been a full recovery. Finally, special thanks to members Tom Price and Andrea Betteridge, who traveled from the British Isles to attend. Both were available to answer questions or just to chat.

Please enjoy the photos of the EA and from other activities. Next month GHA will recognize some special moments from GHA’s first year.

In closing, here are some upcoming events in which GHA members may be interested in participating.

The Pomona, California, Equine Affair, January 29-February 1, 2009
The Columbus, Ohio, Equine Affaire, April 2-5, 2009
Feathered Horse Spring Classic, Shelbyville, TN, April 16-18, 2009
National Gypsy & Drum Horse Classic, Lexington, KY, May 2009

Please see GHA’s web site at www.gypsyhorseassociation.org for further details and general information on GHA.

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T-N-T Gypsy Horse's Gypsies enjoy a fall ride with Toni Tidwell's granddaughter Shelbe and friends.
Photo (c) Toni Tidwell

Clononeen Kilcorran Bree owned by Linda Enger.
Bree placed 1st in the GH Working Class, L. A. County Fair.

Blarney Stone Acres' Sonny (foreground) and Zeta (background) wait their turn
to enter the arena for a demo, Mass. Equine Affaire.

Westmoreland Farm's Lucky, Mass. Equine Affaire.

Painted Hills' Classy, Mass. Equine Affaire

Lise McNamara of Blarney Stone Acres and Elton, Mass. Equine Affaire