Equine Journal Article
April 2010


With year-end total scores of 68.571% and 61.714% respectively, Blarney Stone Acres's Diana and Sailor were named the 2009 USDF Training and First Level All-Breed Champions. They outscored horses registered in all Gypsy registries in these levels. Congratulations Blarney Stone and Full Circle Dressage!

Eclipse, Dancing Water Stables’ Drum Horse gelding, received the high score awards in Training Level Open in both the Kentucky Dressage Association and the Mid South Eventing and Dressage Association.  Ridden and trained by Laura Wectawski, Eclipse’s year-end score was 77.92%. Awards were presented in Lexington, KY, on February 6. Congratulations to the Kagys of Dancing Water and to Laura!


The 2010 show season began in Australia on January 23 with the largest horse show on that continent, the Royal Melbourne Horse Show.  Member farm Watermark Gypsy Cobs provided the Champion Gypsy Cob--The Whistleblower--and the winner of the Gypsy Cob Colt Class--Clononeen Double Tumble. Congratulations Watermark Gypsy Cobs!

The Pomona Equine Affaire

Held February 4-7, the Pomona EA played host to GHA members the American Gypsy Horse Breed Association (AGHBA), Barb Cross, Valerie Daidah, Gail DeMarco, Chloe Kott and family, Ken Parrillo, and Bailee Vonilten and family. Please enjoy these photos. Many more are available for viewing on GHA’s web site at www.gypsyhorseassociation.org and on Facebook.

Pomona EA. Chloe Kott catches a ring while riding gelding, Pour L'Amour de Garcon ("Boy").

Pomona EA. Carla Johnson riding stallion, Saxon, of Black Jack Gypsy Horses.
Photo courtesy Lori Kott.

Thirteen-year-old Bailey Vonilten on gelding Brian Boru from Gaelic Farm.

Pomona EA. At GHA's breed stall, Gypsies such as gelding, Azurale, from Magic Ranch make new friends. Photo courtesy Elizabeth Sescilla.

Royal Melbourne Horse Show. Watermark Gypsy Cob's Stallion The Whistleblower, Champion Gypsy Cob

Ken Parrillo drives team Azurale (L) and Wardancer (R) with announcer Lisa Stehl as passenger.

Pomona EA. Valerie Daidah and Gypsy Rose. Photo courtesy Elizabeth Sescilla.

Pomona EA. Barb Cross and gelding Brian Boru. Photo courtesy Elizabeth Sescilla

Pomona EA. AGHBA's current Angel Baby, Rushmore, and his foster mother.
Photo courtesy Elizabeth Sescilla.